To be healthy is easy!

To be healthy is easy!

Are you afraid of injections, needles?  In childhood, everyone is afraid of it!  If you have that fear in your adult life, you have a phobia called trypanophobia. 

It is the fear that causes us to reject needle therapy or acupuncture.  But these procedures are sometimes the only chance to get rid of the stalking symptoms. 

For people suffering from such a phobia, there’s a great alternative - activation of the biological points on the foot. It is carried out using simple actions - ordinary exercises on a special rifted surface called "orthopedic mats". 

What’s that got to do with the foot?

We all know that there is a huge number of biologically active points on the foot. Each of them is "in charge" of a particular organ or system of the body. This way, when these points are activated, it is possible to influence certain organs or the whole body. During regular exposure, the organ or the system of the body recovers, improving the overall health.

What are orthopedic mats?

Orthopedic mats are the canvas on which relief natural elements are located. All that is required is to exercise regularly. It’s hard to believe, but these exercises are just walking or jumping in place, rolling feet and stuff. All these simple movements can change your life and restore your health.

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