3 effective methods to relieve leg fatigue after a working day

3 effective methods to relieve leg fatigue after a working day

Legs ache and swell... do you know these feelings? Especially after work. There are many ways to get rid of heavy legs after a long day at work. We will share the most effective ones.

Method # 1

Hot or contrast bath. Hot water is poured into a small container, but not boiling water. Various aromatic oils can be added to relax the entire body. The procedure should take 15-20 minutes.

Contrast baths also have a positive effect. Their secret is that when we alternately immerse our feet in the water at different temperatures, the vessels of the legs either narrow or expand, which removes heaviness, fatigue, and other unpleasant sensations.

Method № 2

Foot massage is one of the most effective methods. By pressing on certain areas of the foot, an amazing relaxing effect can be achieved. This method has a significant drawback: a truly effective massage can only be obtained from a high-level specialist who is not always within walking distance.

Method № 3

Use of ORTHO PUZZLE massage mats. They represent a canvas on which relief elements are evenly distributed, imitating natural elements: grass, cones, shells, pebbles, and others. Their uniqueness lies in the different rigidity of the modules, which makes it possible to work out the maximum possible number of zones on foot.  This product has the status of a medical device, which proves its effectiveness. It is very important when selecting a product to request a document confirming its status in order to protect yourself from the purchase of an unsuitable product. It can also be used at any time to relieve fatigue.

All of the above methods can be combined. For example, after a relaxing bath, you can walk on the ORTHOPUZZLE massage mat several times to enhance the effect.

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