The immune system can protect against depression

The immune system can protect against depression

Quite recently, American scientists have proven that the immune system affects not only the body’s ability to protect itself from bacterial invasion but also the psychological condition.

 As the study showed the interferon-gamma protein, which is responsible for the correct perception and activation of the immune system, also fights anxiety- and depressive-like behaviors.  Analysis of the data revealed that blocked interferon-y can lead to depression or depressive conditions.

Strengthening of the immune system is possible by using ORTHO PUZZLE orthopedic massage mats – modules made in the form of a puzzle, on which elements imitating natural objects, such as seashells, stones, grass, cones, and others are placed  They help not just to balance the functioning of all systems of the body but also get rid of depression.

The massage mats affect the biological points on the foot, activate them, and thus boost the immune system.

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