My baby has insomnia. What to do?

My baby has insomnia. What to do?

When we talk about kids and their trouble with sleep, we usually think of a crying kid who can’t sleep at all. However, insomnia also shows itself in problematic falling asleep or frequent wakes in the middle of the night.

How to treat a child’s insomnia?

Of course, many parents would like to get a universal prescription for childhood insomnia, which will help to get rid of the anxiety as soon as possible. And there is such a way! 

The use of an orthopedic mat will help to relax a child and defuse tension.  A child can play on a mat like this or simply walk for 5-10 minutes on a relief surface. Even such short-term use relaxes muscles and facilitates the circulation of oxygenated blood. Sleep gets easier because a baby breathes deeper and absorbs more oxygen. 

Recent studies have shown that among many other useful effects, a touch of feet to a relief surface improves attention, reduces pain, and significantly strengthens the immune system. Children’s orthopedic mats are extremely beneficial, they help to relax and recover strength. 

How should we use orthopedic mats?

You can do exercises in the morning and in the evening in cases: 

  • If your child is moody and mopes every day
  • If he’s often nervous without any reason
  • If he refuses to sleep.  

One way to solve this problem is to use ORTHO PUZZLE orthopedic massage mats. It’s a surface which is settled on the floor. It is a mat containing relief elements imitating nature: cones, sea rocks, grass, etc. 

Buying an orthopedic mat by ORTHO PUZZLE, you will give your baby a calm sleep and a good mood. Such orthopedic mats are very useful for children, especially 1-2 years old, when active foot formation occurs.

The older children will be interested in the orthopedic mats as well, their bright colors, the relief surface, and the possibility to shift the modules the way they like it. All elements of ORTHO PUZZLE are fastened to each other using a special lock and fastening which do not damage the child’s foot. The PVC modules have square shapes and brake spikes, which reduces the risk of a child falling during mobile games.

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