Immunity and Insomnia

Immunity and Insomnia

In today’s conditions of the global pandemic, we face not only the threat of serious disease but also the anxiety, uncertainty, and panic of life around us. Indeed, concerned about the future, our own health, and the health of others, we create for ourselves a somewhat paradoxical situation: panic and fear negatively affect our sleep, and bad sleep weakens our immunity. In addition, children are touched on by this situation, and their immunity is reduced in the context of sleep disturbance. 

The main symptoms of sleep disturbance and reduced immunity in children are:

1) Feeling of constant stress.

2) Nervousness.

3) Difficulty in falling asleep.

4) Restless sleep.

5) Frequent awakening. 

How to increase immunity?

To restore the child’s weakened immune system as soon as possible, it is necessary for the child to get a good sleep. Adults with reduced immunity should take a short break from work and slacken thoughts, tasks, information flow, and fuss. 

Don’t forget to give the child enough water, and eliminate harmful beverages such as juice in packets, black tea. Try to replace them with green and herbal teas, fresh fruit, and vegetable juices. 

Sport, walking or other physical activity not only distracts but also facilitates falling asleep. However, during the quarantine, the only places to exercise are at home or in remote open areas. Active sports are recommended in the morning. In the evening, less intensive activities such as walking and exercise will be appropriate for the child. Orthopedic mats, whose surface imitates the sea bottom, forest tracks, waves, etc., will help in this. 

It's worth drawing attention to the ORTHO PUZZLE orthopedic massage mats, which consist of multi-colored interchangeable elements. You can buy a few sets, and the baby can put the mat together himself.  It’s going to be an interesting game for him, and you don’t have to force him to exercise on a mat like that.

Therefore, the mats will serve as an effective way for both prevention and treatment of all kinds of diseases that are directly related to the child’s locomotor apparatus development.

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