The Sea Pebbles set surface consists of pebbles of different diameters and heights.
When walking interchangeably on soft and rough sea stones the training effectiveness gets increased through the alternating degree of influence. A feeling of immersion in the sea bottom world allows to achieve not only physical but also emotional pleasure. All the functions of a child's foot get improved.

It takes the pressure off the leg joints and spine, develops, and strengthens the ligament and muscular system, improves blood circulation in feet and lower extremities, contributes to the prevention and treatment of flat feet. All the foot muscles get thoroughly massaged which improves the overall state of the body.


  • Acupuncture massage of foot reflex points
  • Platypodia (flat foot) prevention and treatment
  • Strengthening of foot & lower leg muscular - ligamentous apparatus


Indications for use:

  • Talipes valgus
  • Talipes varus
  • Platypodia ( flat foot) 
  • Foot muscles hypertonia
  • Mobile flat feet
  • Clubfoot
  • Joints arthrosis
  • Hammertoe



  • Foot mycosis
  • Diabetic foot infections
  • Purulent necrotizing vasculitis of foot skin
  • Sole wound injury


See the Details Tab to know what surfaces the set contains.

Age: 1+
Quantity: 8 modules

  • Module "Sea pebbles" (soft)
  • Module "Sea pebbles" (hard)

Area - 0.5 sq.m.
Module dimensions: 26x26 cm

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Danielle Caine
    Love Them

    Great product, solidly built. Great for incorporating some sensory input during obstacle courses, movement breaks and gross motor skills.

    Natalie Krimnuz
    Game changer!

    I bought the sea pebbles mix a few weeks ago and loving it!
    I love walking on it, I feel that it wakes me up and improves my focus. I feel alert!
    Also I feel that if improves the strength of my ankles and increases the range of motion.
    But the best way to use the mats for me is to roll on them with my back, this releases tension and tight muscles.
    I would highly recommend this product to anyone!

    Margarita Golouschina
    Very good product

    Good quality, plastic does not have bad smell. Stable, bright colour. I hope will help with flat feet for our grandson.

    Aurelia Vizitiu
    Ortho puzzle mixed

    Great quality, very useful, my kids love this! Highly recommended, especially for the kids with flat feet, inward position of the feet!

    Colleen Jen
    Great Sensory Input

    My whole family enjoys the feeling of this mat, when you walk on it you can feel all the little nerves in your feet getting stimulated. My son, who is on the spectrum and massively sensory seeking, loves to run accross it and is very curious about the texture, he engages his whole body when he plays with it.

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