The First Steps Mix is the softest mat out of all our sets and is designed for our youngest customers who are 9 month-old and up.

The First Steps Mix surfaces train and promote the development of the foot and lower leg muscles and improve blood circulation in ankles. The massage surfaces of the Set have a tonic effect, assist in the correct foot arches formation, and prevent the asymmetric walk appearance and its development. It reduces the risk of flat feet and has a positive impact on the baby’s legs state in the future. In addition, the modular massage mats contribute to logical thinking, fine motor skills, and color perception development.

The bright colorful mats will become not just an indispensable attribute of exciting educational games but will also protect your kids from injuries in a fall.

If your baby doesn't walk yet the mat can be also used for tummy time.


  • Acupuncture massage of foot reflex points
  • Platypodia ( flat food) prevention and treatment
  • Strengthening of foot & lower leg muscular - ligamentous apparatus


Indications for use:

  • Talipes valgus
  • Talipes varus
  • Platypodia ( flat foot) 
  • Foot muscles hypertonia
  • Arthrosis
  • Clubfoot 


  • Foot mycosis
  • Diabetic foot infections
  • Purulent necrotizing vasculitis of foot skin
  • Sole wound injury


See the Details Tab to know what surfaces the set contains.

Age: 9 months +
Quantity: 8 modules

  • Module "Grass" (soft)
  • Module "Sea pebbles" (soft)
  • Module "Sunflower" (soft)
  • Module "Butterfly" (soft)

Area - 0.5 sq.m.
Module dimensions: 26x26 cm

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Vito Telesca

    First step mix

    Amanda Whitaker
    Physical Therapist

    Great tool for therapy.

    Judy Karrenbrock
    Highly recommend!

    I love so much about these puzzles! They are each designed to give the foot specific sensory input plus to work those intrinsic foot muscles for strengthening!

    Rosa Lake
    I would recommend!

    I liked the mat very much. We started to use it almost immediately as ordered (the child was 6 months old), at first, we let her touch it to develop sensory sensations. When the granddaughter started walking, they began to allocate 10-15 a day for walking on the mat. Now the baby is 1.8 and it is still one of her favorite activities. The mat is easy to clean. I would recommend!

    Isabelle Li
    Great puzzle

    Great puzzle. Bought for my baby at 6 months old. In the beginning, my child liked just to sit on it. Every evening we all walked on it and my daughter began to stand completely on her feet, and not on her toes. Bright, saturated colors. There is no smell. Easy to clean!

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