The elements of the Savannah Mix modules present two kinds of needles and pebbles covered with small bubbles. Walking on the massage surfaces boosts blood circulation in feet and lower extremities, noticeably improves all the foot functions, promotes development and strengthening of the ligament muscular system, prevents foot deformation and flat feet, reduces the leg joins load. The massage surfaces have a strong relaxing effect and relieve chronic fatigue syndrome. As a result of pressing on the foot's active points, internal organs are being massaged and the overall well-being gets improved.


  • Acupuncture massage of foot reflex points
  • Platypodia ( flat food) prevention and treatment
  • Strengthening of foot & lower leg muscular - ligamentous apparatus


Indications for use:

  • Talipes valgus
  • Talipes varus
  • Platypodia ( flat foot) 
  • Foot muscles hypertonia
  • Mobile flat feet
  • Arthrosis
  • Clubfoot
  • Hammertoe



  • Foot mycosis
  • Diabetic foot infections
  • Purulent necrotizing vasculitis of foot skin
  • Sole wound injury


See the Details Tab to know what surfaces the set contains.

Age: 1+
Quantity: 8 modules

  • Module "Sea pebbles" (hard)
  • Module "Cacti" (soft)
  • Module "Sea pebbles" (soft)
  • Module "Hedgehogs" (soft)

Area - 0.5 sq.m.
Module dimensions: 26x26 cm 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Cristina Stanila
    I love it 😊

    I really love it and enjoy walking on them especially when my feet are swollen and tired. Ortopuzzle helps them feel better faster 😊 I'd recommend them

    Alfie-Jay Knight
    I bought it for 1,5 y.o. child

    I bought it for 1,5 y.o. child. In the beginning she avoided it, but now we walk more confidently. I advise you to put it in the aisle of the children's room, so that it will not get passed by.

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