The unique Sea Mix perfectly combines the inhabitants of the sea depths, soft, turbulent waves, sea bottom fauna, and unusual shapes of the sea reef. The mix consists of soft and medium stiffness surfaces, which guarantees not just a high-quality training of the foot and leg muscles but also contributes to fine motor skills and imaginative thinking development.

Walking barefoot on the Sea Mix orthopedic modules stimulates all biologically active footpoints. Such a massage mobilizes all life forces, develops and strengthens the foot and tibia muscles, and forms the correct physiological foot arches. The Mix allows preventing such diseases as hypertension and hypotonia of the foot and tibia muscles, arthritis, insomnia, hyper pronation, and flat feet.

Seashells and corals, octopus and starfish, crabs and algae will immerse you in the atmosphere of seas and oceans and leave an indelible impression on your baby during the training on the orthopedic mat.


  • Acupuncture massage of foot reflex points
  • Platypodia ( flat food) prevention and treatment
  • Strengthening of foot & lower leg muscular - ligamentous apparatus


Indications for use:

  • Talipes valgus
  • Talipes varus
  • Platypodia ( flat foot) 
  • Foot muscles hypertonia
  • Arthritis
  • Hyperpronation
  • Club foot



  • Foot mycosis
  • Diabetic foot infections
  • Purulent necrotizing vasculitis of foot skin
  • Sole wound injury


See the Details Tab to know what surfaces the set contains.

Age: 1+
Quantity: 8 modules

  • Module "Sea bottom"
  • Module "Ocean"
  • Module "Sea reef"
  • Module "Sea wave"

Area - 0.5 sq.m.
Module dimensions: 26x26 cm

    Customer Reviews

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    Anna Vasilyev

    Sea mix

    Andrea Kovacs

    Sea mix

    katrina schmidt
    Sea life

    It’s great! The shipping is crazy expensive and unfortunately there was free shipping right after we purchased!

    Lynden Dalton
    It’s a very useful thing not only for kids

    In my opinion, it’s a very useful thing not only for kids, but also for everyone else. My whole family liked the mat. At first there was an unusual feeling when I walked on it, but the more often I walked, the more I liked this mat, as my legs quickly got used to it.

    Inigo Decker
    Bright, good elaboration of details

    Bright, good elaboration of details (octopus, seahorses, turtles). Odorless. We walk on them every day. I will order other sets to make a large rug

    Translation missing: